Milton Brown, MD/Ph.D.- 1999 Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Milton L. Brown, M.D./Ph.D., is the first Edwin H. Richard and Elisabeth Richard von Matsch Endowed Chair in Experimental Therapeutics at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C.  He is also the Director of the Georgetown University Drug Discovery Program and holds professorships in Oncology and Neurosciences.  He is a member of the Specialized Center of Research sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Dr. Brown was awarded the UNCF/Merck Postdoctoral Science Research Fellowship in 1999 when he was at the University of Virginia in the Department of Chemistry.  He was appointed to a faculty position in that department in 2000.  Dr. Brown received his Ph.D. in synthetic chemistry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1995 and his M.D. degree from the University of Virginia in 1999.  He received his B.S. degree from Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL in 1987.